Plant-Based vs Vegan | What’s The Difference?

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about eating a plant-based diet vs being vegan. So often, on social media, I see celebrities talking about being “vegan” — when in reality, they’re choosing to eat plant-based (which is great), but aren’t necessarily living a vegan lifestyle. There are lots of people who unintentionally think that… Continue reading Plant-Based vs Vegan | What’s The Difference?


How I’m Becoming More Low-Waste!

Living a low-waste lifestyle is something I’m striving for. But it’s definitely something that takes some effort and focus…and that’s because we live in a very wasteful and consumerist society. It’s a common thing to go into a store and see individually wrapped products or one-use products. Everything today is made to make things easier… Continue reading How I’m Becoming More Low-Waste!


Is It Really Cruelty-Free If It’s Not Vegan?

Can something be considered cruelty-free even if it’s not vegan? By definition, yes — cruelty-free means there was no animal testing involved (from ingredients through to the finished product); but how can something that contains ingredients that have come from animals — who legally suffer every day — be considered “cruelty-free”? There are so many… Continue reading Is It Really Cruelty-Free If It’s Not Vegan?