Toria’s Top Ten: 10 Best Vegan Junk Foods!

A lot of non-vegans have this misconception that vegans eat lettuce and other plants all day long…and that’s just not true! Of course, there are many vegans who do only eat raw plants every day, but a lot of us treat ourselves, too, with some occasional vegan junk food! I would say most vegans didn’t… Continue reading Toria’s Top Ten: 10 Best Vegan Junk Foods!


Recipe | Sweet Curry Pasta With Greens (Quick & Vegan!)

One of my favourite foods has always been pasta! It’s always been a delicious staple in my diet because it can be made so many different ways. The pastas that I make have, over time, transitioned with my diet and lifestyle changes from becoming a vegetarian to now being a vegan. Ever since I became… Continue reading Recipe | Sweet Curry Pasta With Greens (Quick & Vegan!)


Recipe | Easy-To-Make Hummus (Vegan & Delicious!)

Today I thought I’d share my pretty basic recipe for homemade hummus! Hummus is honestly one of my favourite things in life! I feel like I could eat it all day, every day (kidding, but not really)! Hummus makes everything taste better and it provides good nutrition, so I eat it frequently. I love all… Continue reading Recipe | Easy-To-Make Hummus (Vegan & Delicious!)