Animal Rights

Helpful Animal Rights Organizations & Campaigns!

I first became interested in animal rights some time in my mid-teens.  That’s when I really started to discover the atrocities people commit against animals.  The sad thing is that there’s so much animal cruelty going on in the world.  It feels like it’s every day that I hear about a new case of animal… Continue reading Helpful Animal Rights Organizations & Campaigns!

Animal Rights

Ending Cosmetics Testing on Animals Around the World

Animal testing of cosmetics around the world will hopefully one day end.  In recent years, we’ve seen countries creating different laws and working toward the end of cosmetic animal testing.  It’s an exciting thought that, while we’re still quite far from ending animal testing for cosmetic purposes, we are getting closer all the time! The… Continue reading Ending Cosmetics Testing on Animals Around the World

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Why I Choose To Adopt | Meet My Kitties!

I’ve adopted three times in my life …well, in different ways.  I’ve never actually adopted from a shelter because my kitties came to me on their own, but I’ve also never supported a breeder or private seller.  However, I know in the future when I choose to expand my fur family, I’ll be heading over… Continue reading Why I Choose To Adopt | Meet My Kitties!

Animal Rights

Toria’s Top Ten: 10 Reasons To Adopt!

I will always be pro animal adoption!  Adopting is so important and can make such a difference in the lives of animals!  I thought, today, I would share with you ten reasons why adopting animals is so important! 1. Adopting saves lives!  So many animals are put down every year because they don’t get adopted. … Continue reading Toria’s Top Ten: 10 Reasons To Adopt!

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Buying Cruelty-Free | My Recommendations

It’s been almost 9 years since I decided that I wanted to start buying cruelty-free, and it’s been a learning experience!  It honestly feels really good to be supporting cruelty-free brands and, for the most part, not supporting brands that test on animals.  Even though I’m only one person, it does make a difference! So,… Continue reading Buying Cruelty-Free | My Recommendations