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Vegan Q&A

Today I thought it would be fun to answer some questions about my experiences being vegan…a vegan Q&A! Let’s do this!

Q: Did you find being vegan difficult in the beginning? What about now?
A: So, I went 100% vegan on April 6, 2018 and, honestly, I didn’t find it difficult at all. But I fully believe that when it’s your time to do something, start something, give up something, etc., then it’s your time. In 2015 I tried to go vegan and failed. Do you know why I failed? Because I complicated it and, unintentionally, made it difficult for myself. But last year, going vegan just felt natural to me. Now, being vegan is just second nature!

Q: How do you find inspiration to stay vegan?
A: I’ve always loved animals and I don’t want any part in their suffering and death. Once I found out the truth about the meat/dairy/egg/etc. industries, I couldn’t not be vegan. Knowing that I’m contributing to as little animal suffering as I can is what gives me inspiration to continue being vegan. For me, being vegan is not just a lifestyle change; it’s who I am. Honestly, it’s who I’ve always been; but now my actions match my beliefs.

Q: Have you noticed any heath effects (either positive or negative) since going vegan?
A: Actually, I have! I’ve lost around 20 pounds without dieting or restricting my food intake and without additional exercise. I’ve also had digestive issues all my life, but since going vegan, they’ve significantly lessened. For the most part, I feel pretty great! I’ve had no negative health effects from being vegan because, other than choosing only plant-based foods, I don’t restrict my diet in anyway. I eat a variety of foods and I eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Q: What do you typically like to eat?
A: I’ll eat anything that’s vegan! But the foods that I eat frequently are a variety of fruits and vegetables (bananas are a staple, but the rest I typically eat what’s in season; I do love avocados, broccoli, grapes, berries, watermelon, pineapple, apples, zucchini, and so many more), pasta, occasionally rice, bread (I love bread and I’ll never give it up!), chickpeas, red kidney beans, tofu, almond milk (I love unsweetened vanilla), vegan meats (I really love the Yves brand), and potatoes are also a staple for me. I love to make my own soups, hummus, breads, and sweets!

Q: What is your favourite vegan junk food?
A: There are too many! My absolute favourite, though, is probably the Veggie Breaded Chick’n Burger from Yves. It’s so delicious! But here are some more of my favourite vegan junk foods!

Q: What foods do you miss since going vegan?
A: For the most part, I haven’t really missed many non-vegan foods because there’s usually a vegan replacement. But the food that I miss the most is milk chocolate. There are some vegan chocolates, but they’re not really mainstream or always available (at least where I live); plus they’re expensive in comparison. But I would rather be vegan knowing that I’m not contributing to animal suffering, than to enjoy one minute of eating a delicious food that contains cruel animal ingredients.

Q: Have you found eating at restaurants to be difficult since going vegan?
A: If I’m being honest, I don’t really eat out much. But I know from my little experience and hearing from other vegans, that finding vegan options at restaurants is not always difficult…especially because there are so many vegans today, and restaurants are tuning into that more and more. It really depends on the restaurant.  But I think a lot of restaurants will accommodate you if you ask for substitutions or to leave non-vegan ingredients off your plate.  It’s really just trial and error, I think!

Q: How did your family/friends react when they found out that you were going/went vegan?
A: They were really supportive! My family has even made significant changes to their own lifestyle since I went vegan, which I’m incredibly proud of them for. My grandpa makes an incredible vegan spaghetti sauce!

Q: Do you know any other vegans in real life?
A: Nobody in my circle is completely vegan, unfortunately. Right now, I don’t know any other vegans in real life. But the vegan movement is growing all the time, so it’s bound to happen!

Q: Do you have any advice for new vegans/those working toward veganism?
A: My best advice is to take your time (despite what other vegans may say), don’t overcomplicate things (being vegan doesn’t have to be hard), and just do the best you can! If you’re interested, I shared some more of my tips for going vegan a little while ago!

Q: Do you know any good vegan recipes?
A: I’m not really someone who follows very many recipes. The ones that I do like are simple and are created with a short ingredients list; so I’m not sure if I can really share any specific vegan recipes. But my favourite website/app to go to for recipes is Food Monster!

Q: Is it really possible to live a 100% vegan life?
A: Realistically, I’d have to say no. But that doesn’t mean that we all can’t do our part to live as cruelty-free as we can. Unfortunately, the whole world isn’t vegan yet, but we can absolutely still live a vegan lifestyle by eating plant-based, using vegan and cruelty-free products, avoiding fur/leather/wool/down/silk/etc., choosing not to participate in animal exploitation/entertainment, choosing to adopt animals (rather than buy from a breeder), living compassionately in all of our choices, etc. Remember: there’s no such thing as a perfect vegan, but every change we make helps animals.

Q: What are some helpful vegan websites?
A: Last year, I shared a list of some helpful websites related to veganism, along with some other resources. I hope it’s helpful!

Q: Have you encountered any rude/ignorant people when they found you were vegan?
A: I personally haven’t had any interactions with rude/ignorant people because of me being vegan; but I know there are tons of ignorant Internet users who like to make fun of veganism and vegans. It’s important just to ignore these people. You can’t change some people, so it’s crucial to keep moving forward and to also surround yourself with those who are open to living a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Q: How do you feel about pet ownership?
A: I’ve never liked the words “own” or “ownership” when it comes to animals, but I’m aware that most people probably don’t look that far into it! I have nothing at all against pet adoptions. There are so many homeless animals who need a good home. And we have to remember that dogs and cats are domesticated animals and they usually can’t survive on their own. So I don’t really see a problem with adopting and taking care of an animal. I don’t, however, believe in pet breeding or keeping wild and exotic animals.

Do you have any questions about being vegan that I didn’t answer? Are you vegan or have you thought about going vegan?

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