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My First Year As A Vegan!

It’s been exactly one year since I went vegan…my vegan-niversary, if you will! April 6, 2018 was the day that I decided I would no longer consume or use any animal products.

For me, going vegan was a slow transition. I was a vegetarian for over 5 years before, and I had attempted veganism once before (in 2015) and failed (I’m not really sure why). For about 2 years before I went fully vegan, I was about 70 or 75% vegan — choosing vegan options most of the time, but still eating some items that contained milk or eggs in them…and I also continued to eat small amounts of cheese. I don’t know why veganism felt so hard for me before, but last year it just clicked.

Being vegan, this last year, has been nothing but good for me. First off, I’ve really started enjoying more healthy foods. As much as I love (and I mean love) vegan junk food, I now also really like having fun with healthy foods — which I couldn’t really say was true before. I’ve also lost over 20 pounds without really trying. I feel like since I went vegan, I’ve been eating as much as I want and my body has still lost weight. That’s how much animal products can affect our bodies; I never really ate a lot of animal products (like cheese, milk, eggs, etc.) before, but now that I’m vegan (and eating more than ever), my body is continuing to lose some weight and adjusting itself. Honestly, my body feels better than it ever has. All my life, I’ve had digestive issues, but now they’ve significantly lessened since going vegan.

Do I still get cravings for certain non-vegan foods? Of course…I grew up and loved eating certain foods; but occasional cravings are nothing compared to what animals used for food face every day. And there’s amazing vegan food that I get to eat now!

I’m proud that I went vegan…and I’m so thankful that I’ve stuck with it. I’ve always loved animals, and I’m not cool with using them for ingredients that my body doesn’t need. I wholeheartedly went vegan for animals and being vegan is now just who I am!

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