Toria’s Top Ten: 10 Things I Admire About My Late Mother

This is probably going to be my most personal blog post to date. But I want to start getting a little more personal on my blog because I want it to fully represent me.

As you can tell, today’s post is going to focus on what I admire about my mom. My mom passed away just over twelve years ago when I was thirteen years old. Growing up, my mom was not only an incredible mother, but she was my best friend. This month would have been her 43rd birthday, so I thought it would be nice to write a post dedicated to her! So without further ado, here are ten things I admire about my mom!

She raised me as a young, single mom. My mom had me when she was 17 years old, so she was really young. When I was a baby, my father decided not to be in my life; so my mom raised me as a single mom. She worked so hard to provide for us and she did what she had to to raise me as a single mother. It always bothers me when people criticize teenage/young mothers. My mom put her all into motherhood, and was and will always be the best mom ever! I know she loved me with all of her heart and I’ll definitely always love her. She provided me with everything I needed — in all aspects of life.

She worked her butt off to put herself through school. Since my mom was quite young when she had me, she, obviously, hadn’t finished school at the time. Well, she worked extremely hard to put herself through school, while also providing for me and being there for me. She not only graduated high school, but she went on to very successfully graduate from post-secondary school in a field she was very proud of. It took her a lot of strength and a heck of a lot of work to do this. I will always be extremely proud of her for being able to do this and I will always be in awe of her.

She saw the good in everybody and never judged. My mom had the biggest heart ever! She’s definitely the kindest person I’ve ever known — and I know a lot of kind, good people. She always saw the good in every single person. Even people who were not very nice — she tried to understand them and always showed kindness back. My mom didn’t have one judgemental bone in her body. It didn’t matter what someone’s job was; how much money they made; what their religion, sexual orientation, gender, or ethnicity was — she loved everyone and always showed kindness and no judgement.

She taught me that love and compassion for everybody and everything are the most important things in life. I learned so much about compassion from my mom. She always taught me that we don’t know what someone has experienced in life; we don’t know how someone got to where they are. I can honestly say that I’m very proud of how compassionate I am — and that is largely because of my mom.

She also taught me that self-acceptance and self-love and are so important. When I was a kid, I was bullied by kids in my class for being “fat”. My mom always told me how beautiful I was and how it didn’t matter what people thought of me — as long as I loved myself. For the most part — I’ve always been confident in myself and have maintained good self-esteem and good self-image thanks to my mom being there for me when I needed her.

She loved to laugh and have fun. I definitely got my sense of humour from my mom! We used to laugh together so much! She always made everything a lot of fun — no matter what it was!

She had a big heart and loved animals. My mom definitely had a soft spot for animals! We had so many pets when I was little who were all adopted; my cats, in particular, were rescued from the streets. Because my mom loved animals and we had a bunch of them living with us, it really helped me bond with them and allowed me to gain a lot of compassion for animals. I’m sure that my being an animal rights advocate today, is thanks to my mom’s love of animals and her showing me how to love them.

She was extremely supportive of everybody. Any time her friends and family had anything going on in their life — whether they got a new job, were expecting a baby, were going back to school, or whatever, my mom was always so happy for them and always expressed her support. My mom supported all my decisions in life, and highly encouraged me to follow my heart in everything I do!

She loved to go on adventures. My mom and I had a lot of adventures in the 13 years we had together here on Earth. We took road trips, travelled, went camping, went to amusement parks, concerts, beaches, a TV show, and so much more. My mom was always up for doing something and she always liked to have a lot of fun!

She was extremely courageous and never lost hope. My mom always had a lot of courage in everything she did, but I really saw her courage when she fought for her life after being diagnosed with cancer. Even though she did not feel good, she stayed positive throughout her whole battle with the disease. She remained hopeful even when things went wrong. If I can ever be half as courageous as my mom, then that will be good enough for me. My mom and my Grandma are the two strongest women I’ve ever known. When I feel things going wrong in my life, I think about the strength, courage, and hope my mom had until the moment she went to Heaven.

There are so many more things that I admire about my wonderful mom. She was an awesome human being with an incredible heart. A part of me will always be missing because she’s no longer here in the physical world. I believe she’s always with me and that we’ll be reunited one day when it’s the right time. My mom always told me that I was the best thing that ever happened to her; I’ll always love her and I’ll never stop missing her!  She was an amazing person and she’ll always be my inspiration in life.

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    1. Thank you so much for your nice comment, Ruth! I was a bit nervous to share this post just because it’s so personal; but my mom has always been a huge part of my life, so it was important for me to write this post. Thank you again for your kindness!

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