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What I Like To Look For When Thrifting!

As most of you probably know, I love to go thrifting! Being able to buy some really great and useful stuff for a fraction of what I would pay new is, honestly, thrilling to me! Whenever I’m looking for something — whatever it may be — I always look in a thrift store first. And to be honest, quite a lot of the time, I find what I’m looking for. That being said, today I thought I would talk a bit about what it is that I like to look for when I go thrifting!

Of course, this had to be first on my list! Those of you who have been around a while, probably know that I actually collect movies. I would say that I have a fairly large movie collection of definitely over 500 movies (I haven’t counted in a while!). Most of my movies in my collection have actually come from thrift stores. They’re always a great price (I’ve purchased them anywhere from $1 to $3 each) and many times I’m able to find newish movies. I’ve saved so much money by buying my movies second hand. I’ve literally saved thousands of dollars by purchasing movies from the thrift store instead of new.

I also like to look for second hand clothing. I’m always able to find something to add to my wardrobe. I mostly buy sweaters and shirts, though, and occasionally dresses. I typically have a hard time finding pants that fit really well, but it’s the same when I’m buying new as well. Thrifting is a great way to build a wardrobe. I always like to have a variety of pieces because I don’t really have one particular style. Shopping for second hand clothing is a great way to do this because it saves me a lot of money and it doesn’t directly support the ‘fast fashion’ industry — which is really not an industry I want to support anymore; but that’s a whole other story. I’ll definitely write a post all about that sometime in the near future, though!

Over the years, I’ve found some gorgeous second hand purses. I still have most of my favourites and I frequently use them. I’m someone who never buys new leather, so I make sure that I don’t buy second hand leather as well. The reason for this is that, while buying a leather jacket or purse from a thrift store isn’t directly contributing to the murder of animals, I still don’t want to be wearing or using anything that, at some point, had been part of an animal. There are so many awesome vegan leather finds anyway! I also like to look at the jewelry in thrift stores. I’ve found some really great pieces over the years!

I don’t really look too much at the home decor when I go thrifting anymore because I’m trying to become more of a minimalist. There’s always really interesting and original items, though, and in the past, I’ve found some really great things. Now I mostly like to look at functional items. If it’s not functional, then I typically don’t buy it. I already have some really nice decor items, so I don’t really need anymore. But, I always recommend to everyone to look in the home decor section of thrift stores, because sometimes you’ll find exactly what you want!

I love to find all kinds of fun mugs to drink my tea out of! Why buy new mugs when you can find really fun, original mugs in thrift stores!? I’m not really someone who likes matching mugs or anything. I like to have fun with the mugs I buy because it makes me really happy!

Along the same line as mugs… I actually collect matching tea cups and saucers. I haven’t found any that I really like in quite a while, but I have a small collection of them here at home. I like to find ones that are really different to one another because I want each piece to look original. I don’t even really use them, but there’s something really classy and fancy about matching tea cups and saucers!

That’s typically what I like to look for when I go thrifting! Of course, I like to look everywhere when thrifting, but I would say that the majority of what I actually buy is what I’ve shared today!

Do you like thrifting? What do you like to look for?



7 thoughts on “What I Like To Look For When Thrifting!

  1. Thrifting is one of my favourite things to do! I typically look for books, vintage sewing notions and sewing patterns, and movies. I also love looking for cool vintage dolls, board games, homewares, etc. I used to look for vintage clothes (and still do keep my eye out) but my city has had a problem with bed bugs the last few years and my father is forever sending my sisters and myself emails shrieking about the horrors of bed bugs to prevent us from buying clothes from thrift stores, so to keep the fatherly shrieking to a minimum, I usually just avoid clothes in thrift stores, which is sad because it used to be one of my favourite things to look for there.

    I love your blog by the way!


    1. Thank you so much! Your comment made me laugh! Fatherly shrieking! Clothing is definitely one of my favourite things to thrift as well, so that’s disappointing about the bed bug situation in your city. Hopefully that situation will get cleared up and you can get back to thrifting for vintage clothes! At least there’s all kinds of other cool vintage stuff in thrift stores!


  2. I love to thrift! I haven’t gone thrifting in what feels like forever and I really want to, especially after reading this. I need to go thrifting. I mostly look for things for my wardrobe since I’m in an apartment and don’t quite have the space to look at much else.

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  3. I’m going thrifting tomorrow. I love to look for new items that can be gifted to family and friends. It’s saves me time and money because anytime I get invited to events I already have a gift. This is my little secret.

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    1. That’s a great idea… looking for new items for gifts! I’ve never done that before, but I think I might take a look when I go thrifting from now on! Enjoy your thrifting trip tomorrow!


  4. Hi Victoria,
    I love thrifting too! Especially when I find nice wardrobe items of great quality for a bargain price. like my favorite kasjmier sweater that I bought for 3 euro’s. And I also think why by new inferior products while this is just as fashionable, you just have to take a good look! And while thrifting I collect old records these I use at home as wall decor and we have a vintage style record player so we can listen at them too. Greets Chris

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