Toria’s Top Ten: My 10 Favourite Cruelty-Free Brands!

Today, I thought I’d share my ten favourite cruelty-free brands! I was thinking it might be somewhat helpful to anyone who is looking for some new cruelty-free brands or products. This list is compiled of mostly personal care brands — not too many makeup brands — because that’s what I love! All of these brands are cruelty-free and many are either vegan brands or sell certain vegan products. I’ve decided to compile this list into a bit of a countdown, so, without further ado, here are my favourite cruelty-free brands starting at number ten!

10. The first cruelty-free brand on my list — at number ten — is Wet n Wild. Wet n Wild sells anything and everything makeup. For me, it’s always been a hit or miss brand, but lately it’s been more of a hit! For the past couple months or so, I’ve been using the Photo Focus Foundation and I’ve been absolutely loving it! I also love Wet n Wild nail polishes.

9. Dr. Bronner’s is another one of my favourites. Dr. Bronner’s sells anything from soap to toothpaste to lip balm to hand sanitizer and more. I’m a big fan of their 18-in-1 Pure Castille Soaps — particularly the Lavender scent. I love that the ingredients are natural and that they can be used in so many ways! All of their products contain natural ingredients — which is awesome!

8. Physicians Formula is a really great drugstore makeup brand. I’ve purchased and repurchased numerous products over the years and they’re always great! My favourite Physicians Formula product has to be the Organic Wear CC Cream.

7. At number seven is Pacifica. This is a great brand! They sell makeup, cleansers, perfume, and more! I love the Essential Makeup Removing Wipes — they’re really convenient and they work really well! I also love the perfume from Pacifica! Pacifica makes really excellent quality items!

6. Coming in at number six is Avalon Organics. This is a great brand that sells shampoo and conditioner, facial products, lotion, shower gel, shaving cream, and more. Their products are vegan, biodegradable, paraben-free, phthalate-free, contain no synthetic colours or fragrances, and more. Everything I’ve tried from this brand has always been great!

5. I also really love Desert Essence. This is another cruelty-free brand that sells hair care and body care products; but it also sells dental care products and more. In all honesty, I haven’t tried too many Desert Essence products, but the ones that I have tried were really great! I’ll definitely be trying some more of their products in the future!

4. Another big favourite cruelty-free brand is J.R. Watkins. Everything this brand produces smells delicious! They sell anything and everything from body care to house care. I particularly love the Lemon Cream products because they smell like lemon treats!

3. Alba Botanica is my third favourite cruelty-free brand. This is a great natural brand that sells all kinds of personal care products including cleansers, moisturizers, scrubs, sun protection, shaving creams, shampoo, conditioner, and so much more. I can’t recommend enough their Hawaiian Oil Free Moisturizer! It smells amazing and it adds good moisture while not being too heavy on skin.

2. Coming in at number two is The Body Shop. I definitely consider this to be one of my top favourite cruelty-free brands. It was definitely a toss up with number one! I love pretty much anything from The Body Shop. I’ve tried so many different products, but the one that I’ve continued to buy over the years is the Grapeseed Hair Glossing Serum.  It’s amazing!  I don’t shop at The Body Shop too often now because it is pretty pricey, and some of my old favourites aren’t vegan — so that doesn’t work for me anymore.  The Body Shop does offer many vegan products, though!

1. And my number one favourite cruelty-free brand is Live Clean! I seriously love this brand! I absolutely love their shampoo and conditioners and their hand soaps. Their facial moisturizer is also really great! Live Clean is quite affordable compared to some of the other brands on this list; and it’s available pretty much everywhere, which is really convenient!

BONUS: I had to include a bonus brand! My bonus pick would definitely have to be Lush. I had to include it because it’s such a great cruelty-free brand! I love everything they stand for and I adore so many of their products. But it’s definitely more expensive. I consider Lush to be more of a treat brand!

What are your favourite cruelty-free brands?

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