Animal Rights

Alternatives To Animal Testing

Many people believe that testing on animals for cosmetics / household products is basically a thing of the past. This is absolutely false. While I do believe we’re making strides when it comes to ending animal testing, it still happens every single day. Millions of animals are experimented on every year all around the world. These animals suffer tremendously and many die — and for what? Animals have chemicals dripped on to their skin, into their eyes, down their throats, up their little noses, and injected into their bodies — all of which potentially causes blindness and infected eyes, bleeding (skin and internal), organ damage, birth defects, convulsions, and so much more. These innocent animals are kept in confined spaces and when they are no longer needed — if they’ve survived these tests — many are killed, commonly by asphyxiation, neck-breaking, or decapitation. Testing on animals is a truly heinous — and most of the time legal — form of animal torture. But, with all this being said, there are alternatives to all of this animal suffering.

Alternatives to animal testing include: in vitro, computer simulations, human volunteers, imaging (including MRI and CT), human-patient simulators, and more. Then there’s the biggest alternative there is: companies using ingredients that have a history of being safe. We all know that pretty much everything has been tested on animals at some time or another, but why does it have to continue? Why do more animals have to suffer? There are many ingredients that we all know are safe for us to use; those are the ingredients that companies should be putting into their products.

Science supports the use of non-animal testing. Many times, ingredients that are tested on animals are found to be not safe in human trials. If the whole point of testing on animals is to ensure that products are safe for humans to use, then why is it that many products that make it to store shelves are still dangerous to our health? Non-animal tests are generally more cost-effective and take less time and resources. Non-animal tests are also not as bad for the environment — because when animals are tested on with chemicals and they subsequently die, they have to be disposed of as hazardous waste. What a waste, indeed. And there are many more benefits to non-animal testing than what I’ve listed.

I believe that there’s really no reason to be testing on animals in this day and age. There are hundreds and thousands of cruelty-free companies around the world. If they can create amazing products without the use of animals, then other companies can surely follow suit.

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