Vegan Cooking | Butternut Squash Pasta

Today I thought I’d share another vegan recipe I tried out not too long ago. This time I made a delicious butternut squash pasta and I followed this recipe. It was so tasty and it was surprisingly easy to make. The only ingredients required to make this pasta are butternut squash, broccoli, pasta (I used whole grain macaroni), garlic, vegetable broth, nutritional yeast, kale (I used spinach because it’s what we had in the house), and salt/pepper. It was also super nutritious and really filling. And it only took me just over an hour from the time I started cooking it to the time it was ready.

I love cooking and trying new recipes — especially different types of vegan pastas! This recipe is, for sure, one of my new favourites! I’ll definitely be making it again and I highly recommend you try it! It was so delicious!

3 thoughts on “Vegan Cooking | Butternut Squash Pasta

    1. Thanks, it was delicious! I’ll definitely be posting a few more!

      That’s great that you’re trying to be much more plant-based! If you’re looking for some good plant-based meal ideas, check out Food Monster on One Green Planet. There are so many great recipes!


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