Toria’s Top Ten: 10 Ways I Try to Stay Positive!

For years, I’ve struggled with depression and a lot of anxiety (I have both social anxiety disorder and chronic depression) — which I don’t really talk about on my blog because it feels a little too personal (maybe one day I’ll open up and write a more in depth blog post about what dealing with these issues is like for me). But dealing with these issues is a constant struggle.  Some days are worse or better than others, but, even though these issues never really go away, there are things that I try to do to help lift myself up a bit.  So, without further ado, here is a list of ten ways I try to stay positive.

1. I surround myself with people who support me and love me. It’s so important to be around the right people. If you’re around people who you don’t feel good around, then it’s going to have a negative impact on you. It’s important to be around people who support you 100%. It’s also extremely important to surround yourself with people you really care about as well.

2. I try to do things I love — even if it’s just small things. Doing something you absolutely love will definitely help increase positivity. It doesn’t have to be anything big; for me, I love to paint my nails, watch a movie, or go walking in the woods. It’s important to do what you love — no matter how big or small.

3. I try to smile even when I don’t feel like it. Some days it’s hard and I don’t feel like smiling. But the fact is that smiling and laughing are so good for a person’s well-being. Even if it’s hard and it feels forced, smiling can really help change a person’s attitude and perspective.

4. I remind myself of all the positive things in my life and in the world. If you follow any kind of news or issues in the world, you’ll definitely see a lot of negativity. Absolutely, there are negative things happening around us all the time; but what we don’t see as often are all the positive things. When I feel myself becoming somewhat negative, I like to think about what’s positive in my own life. I also look up happy stories on the Internet to see some positive news in the world.

5. I make necessary changes when I need to. It’s not always big changes; it could be anything. Sometimes it means no longer having a toxic person in your life or doing something differently in any given area of your life. You have to do what you need to for your mental health.

6. I try not to judge others and I choose not to judge myself. To me, judgement is negativity. I don’t want negativity in my life so I work on not judging others and myself. Everybody travels a different road in life and we don’t know the road someone has travelled to get to where they are in life. Just like someone doesn’t know what I’ve experienced in life. We all experience things differently and we all handle things differently, so it’s important not to pass judgement.

7. I write down my feelings. I do this because it helps to get thoughts and feelings out of my head. For many people like myself, thoughts in our heads can become so rampant and destructive, so it’s important to have an outlet to release some of those thoughts. For me, I like to write them down. I’m able to get them out of my head (at least somewhat) and I don’t have to worry about judgement or opinions being thrown back at me.

8. I accept myself and my own “faults” no matter what. People may disagree with how you go about something or what you’re doing in your own life, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you accept yourself for who you are, what you like, and what you want to do. Just because you may be different to others around you, it doesn’t mean you’re any less valuable. Self-acceptance is key.

9. I help and assist others. What better way to distract yourself than to help others? I always like to lend a hand whenever it’s needed; it makes me feel really good and useful. And it definitely makes me feel more positive.

10. I take time to relax, focus, and recharge. Sometimes I need to take a short nap and shut off my brain for a while. And that’s okay because it helps me to recharge so I can keep working on myself and keep going. Taking time to help yourself is the best thing you can do to become the best person you can be …if that makes any sense at all!

Those are my top ten ways I try to stay positive. I just want to add that these are my own ways of dealing with my own issues. I’m not suggesting that by doing these things it will help alleviate depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety are illnesses that need to be dealt with on an individual basis.

What do you do to stay positive?

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