Cruelty-Free Beauty & Lifestyle Favourites | Winter 2018

Today I’m back with another favourites post! This time it’s going to be all about my winter favourites. These are all the cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle items that I’ve enjoyed so far this winter!

Body Butter: In addition to using my usual Strawberry body butter from The Body Shop, I’ve also been using the Olive Body Butter. I really like this one! I wasn’t too sure at first because who wants to smell like a jar of olives, right!? But that’s not the case; the scent is a very mild, neutral scent. I definitely plan on buying a larger container of it when it comes on sale! The body butters from The Body Shop are the only products that save my skin from getting so dry during the winter. They’re nice and thick and they really add moisture to my skin. I like to apply it at night right before I go to bed, that way it has lots of time to sink in.

Conditioner: Over the winter, I’ve been using the Fresh Water Hydrating Conditioner from Live Clean.  I’ve been using Live Clean shampoo and conditioners on and off for years, and this conditioner I’ve repurchased several times because I love it!  The scent is great and I find it leaves my hair feeling really soft after I use it.  I find it really locks in the moisture and just overall helps make my hair look really healthy!

Shower Gel: I also really enjoyed using the Frosted Berries Shower Gel from The Body Shop. I really wanted to try something festive for one of my Blogmas posts, so I decided to try this shower gel. I ended up really liking it. It had a really nice scent and left my skin feeling soft!

Shampoo: I’ve also been loving the Banana Shampoo from The Body Shop. This shampoo smells really good and, honestly, it leaves my hair so soft! I did a more in-depth review a few weeks ago, if you’re interested in checking it out!

Hand Soap: I got a lot of use out of the Holly Berry Hand Soap from Live Clean. I always love the hand soaps from Live Clean, and this holiday soap was no exception! Like other Live Clean hand soaps, this one leaves hands soft, slightly moisturized, and lightly scented!

Nail Polish: There was one nail polish colour that I reached for quite frequently this winter — Bubblegum from L.A. Girl.  It’s a lovely bubblegum pink colour that I love!

Lip Balm: I used the Smith’s Rosebud Salve a lot this winter — particularly at bedtime. This stuff continues to leave my lips so soft and hydrated! I had no dry lips this winter because of this lip balm! I also really like the scent! I think I’m going to do a full review sometime soon, so keep an eye open for that!

Movie:  Totally not kidding, but I watched Shrek two times over the winter!  I absolutely loved this movie when it first came out and I’ve seen it numerous times over the years.  Shrek is seriously the cutest movie ever and it’s definitely one of my favourite cartoon movies!  I kind of want to watch it again!

Songs: There were a lot of songs that I loved this winter — most of which were Christmas songs — but I have a few favourites of both Christmas and non-Christmas songs. I really enjoyed the Pentatonix version of Hallelujah; I really liked Havana feat. Young Thug by Camila Capello; I also liked the song Wolves feat. Marshmello by Selena Gomez; and another song I liked is What Lovers Do feat. SZA by Maroon 5.

Earrings: I bought these Leopard/giraffe print earrings a couple of years ago on sale at Hudson’s Bay, but I never really wore them before this winter. Well, I rediscovered them in my jewelry collection this season! They honestly go with everything and they look really chic! I love them!

Blanket: I’ve also been really loving my new blush-coloured plush blanket. I picked this up in December at Giant Tiger for $6! It’s not very big, but it’s surprisingly warm. Anytime I’ve been at home, I’ve pretty much been snuggling up with this blanket. Lucille, my cat, is also quite a fan of it!

What are some of your recent “favourites”?

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