Toria’s Top Ten: 10 (More) Things That Make Me Happy!

Happiness is so important! But what makes each of us happy is different for everyone. Many times, though, it’s the simple things in life that truly bring happiness into our lives.  That being said, today I thought I’d share with you ten simple things that make me happy! A couple of years ago, I shared a list of ten different things that bring me happiness. So, today I thought I’d build on that post and share ten (more) simple things that make me happy!

1. Baking
I love to bake all kinds of vegan goodies! I have my own cupboard in our kitchen where I keep all of my baking supplies, so that when I feel like baking, I can! It’s a fun way to pass time and the end result is always a plus! Baking makes me really happy!

2. Collecting Movies
I’ve been collecting movies and TV series for about 5 or 6 years now! I have a collection of around 500 movies, I would say, and so far about 8 or 9 TV series on DVD. I’ve always loved watching movies and being able to go to my movie wall and pick a movie anytime I want always makes me happy!

3. Cruelty-free skin care products
By skin care products I mean new shower gel, bubble bath, lotions, etc. Over the last couple of years, I’ve really developed a fondness for skin care products. I love being able to try new ones and see which ones work for me! I used to think I loved makeup — which I did for a while — but I’ve since found that skin care is where it’s at for me!

4. Anything fuzzy
I seriously love anything and everything fuzzy — socks, pyjamas, blankets, pillows, etc. Anything fuzzy makes me really happy!

5. Glitter and sparkle
Anybody that really knows me, knows that I’m a real glitter girl! I love anything sparkly or glitzy — jewelry, picture frames, decorative pillows, anything! Sparkle = happiness for me!

6. Laughing
This may sound like a “dumb” thing to put on this list, because who’s not happy when they’re laughing, right? But I had to! I love to laugh and I love to hear others laugh! I believe laughing is so good for us; it lowers stress levels and it just makes us feel good inside! We like to do a lot of laughing in my family, which makes me really happy!

7. Having my nails done
I’ve always loved having my nails done! Nice nails make me feel really good! It makes me feel put together and like myself. I always do my nails myself because otherwise it’s too expensive …and, in all honestly, I love doing them myself anyway!

8. Thrift store shopping
If you’ve been a regular reader of my blog for a while now, then you’ll already know that thrift store shopping makes me very happy! I do quite a bit of thrift store shopping with my Grandma, and we always have a lot of fun! Being able to find a lot of interesting things for really good prices brings me a lot of joy!

9. Pictures
I love to take pictures — I’m no photographer …like at all, but I love to capture anything and everything on camera! I also love to have pictures of those I love all around our house. I love being able to look back at all my pictures; it always brings back a lot of memories!

10. Exploring the countryside
Being in the country honestly makes me so happy! When I’m around nature, I’m completely at peace! I love to go to new areas that are out of the city; it’s always so beautiful!

What makes you happy?

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