My Family’s Holiday Traditions!

Today I want to talk a little bit about holiday traditions! I think most families have at least one holiday tradition — whatever that may be! As for my family, we don’t have too many traditions, but we do have some — small things that we do every year! Here are some of our family’s holiday traditions!


Every Christmas, ever since I can remember, we’ve always purchased one new ornament for our tree. Our Christmas tree has never looked “classic”; it’s always been filled with all of our special ornaments! Every year, we try to find something different — although many of them have a similar theme, which is that a lot of them are sparkly. Every December, it’s fun to go to stores looking at all the ornaments!


Around the holidays, we always like to bake! In all honesty, I’m usually the baker because I love to do it, but my family always contributes by snacking on what I’ve made! I also always make my baking recipes vegan because it’s super easy and it tastes just as good! Most of the time, my sweet treats turn out great, and it feels really good to know that I’m not using any animal ingredients!


We also tend to watch quite a few Christmas movies every holiday! We usually watch the same ones every year — which I love!  Some of my favourites are Home Alone 1 & 2, Elf, and A Christmas Story!


Another one of our traditions that we’ve done since I was a kid is driving around to look at all the Christmas lights/decorations in our neighbourhood! In the neighbourhood that I grew up in and the one we currently live in, people have always gone all out with their Christmas decorations. It’s always fun to drive around and see how people have decorated the outside of their houses!


We also like to listen to and dance to Christmas music! I mean… who doesn’t love Christmas music?! I find it makes me so happy and it’s also a big factor in bringing back old, happy memories of the holidays!


And the last thing we make sure to do around the holidays, is to always keep the memory of my mom alive — which we do all year long, but it’s especially important around the holidays. The holidays changed for us when she passed away almost 12 years ago, but I believe that she’s always with us. I’m an only child, and as a young, single, hard-working mother, my mom always made the holidays special for me, so around the holidays we always like to talk about all the fun holiday memories that we have of her! We miss her every day of course, but it’s always harder around the holidays, so we make sure that she still remains a part of our holiday!

Those are most of our holiday traditions! For us, the holidays are low-key. We mostly just like to spend time together, eat, and laugh! What are some of your holiday traditions?

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