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Tried-And-True Cruelty-Free Stocking Stuffer Ideas $10 or Under! | Blogmas Day 13!

Almost a week ago, I shared with you some tried-and-true cruelty-free gift ideas that are $20 or under. Today I thought I’d share some tried-and-true cruelty-free stocking stuffer ideas for those of you who are looking for some last minute ideas! Just like the products I talked about in the gift ideas post, I’ve personally tried all of the products below so I know they’re good! So, without further ado, here are some awesome cruelty-free stocking stuffer ideas — each $10 or under!

My first recommendations, that I can’t recommend enough, are the Born Lippy Lip Balms from The Body Shop. I absolutely adore these lip balms! They’re so fun, they smell good, and they add a nice sheen to lips — all while adding some moisture! These retail for $6 each for about 10 mL of product, and they come in several different flavours/scents and packaging. I’ve personally only ever tried the lip balm pots, but these lip balms also come in a stick format. Some of the flavours/scents include Watermelon, Raspberry, Strawberry, Plum, Lychee, Pomegranate, Pink Berry, and a few more. My favourite ones are Watermelon and Raspberry!

The second cruelty-free stocking stuffer idea on my list is a package of the Essential Makeup Removing Wipes from Pacifica. These are great to have on hand when you just want a super quick and easy way of removing makeup. They do a pretty good job of removing makeup, they smell good, and they’re surprisingly quite affordable — relatively speaking! They retail for about $8 for 30 pre-moistened wipes. These wipes are definitely handy and would be a great stocking stuffer for any makeup lover!

The third stocking stuffer idea is the Lavender Organic Hand Sanitizer from Dr. Bronner’s. We all know what this time of year means — ’tis flu season, so hand sanitizer is a must! I love this hand sanitizer! I’m definitely someone who loves the scent of lavender, so this is my favourite hand sanitizer. If you know someone who’s also a fan of lavender-scented products, I highly recommend this product. It retails for $7.49, and for that price you get 59 mL of product.

The next group of products I highly recommend are the 50 mL size Body Butters from The Body Shop, which retail for $6. In my opinion, The Body Shop makes the best body butters! Every winter, I use body butters from The Body Shop because they honestly save my skin from getting so dry. I love most of the scents that are available — which include Mango, Moringa, Strawberry, Shea, Olive, Satsuma, and more! My favourites, however, are Moringa, Strawberry, and Shea.

Another stocking stuffer idea is a package of Swisspers Organic Cotton Rounds. These are always great to have on hand! Whether you want to apply toner, remove makeup, or whatever — these are perfect! They’re made from organic cotton that’s ethically sourced. They retail for $2.47 for 100 of them. These cotton pads would definitely make a great stocking stuffer!

I also recommend the Smith’s Rosebud Salve — which can be found here or here. This product is amazing! It’s a multi-use product that can be used on lips, skin irritation, minor burns, or on dry skin areas like elbows and knees. I personally like to use this as a lip balm or as a top layer over lipstick for some extra shine. As a lip balm, it’s very good! It really penetrates lips and makes them very soft. This salve can be found for about $9 for 22 g of product. I highly recommend it!

The Body Shop Hand Cream is another excellent cruelty-free stocking stuffer option. These hand creams come in a variety of scents, just like the body butters. They’re super moisturizing and, what I really love about them, the cream sinks into skin so incredibly fast — you can just apply and go! These hand creams retail for $10 for 30 mL of product — which, in my opinion, is not cheap, but these really are good and would make a great stocking stuffer!

The next cruelty-free stocking stuffer idea is nail polish. Some of my favourite affordable cruelty-free brands include China Glaze, Wet n Wild, and L.A. Girl — which each retail for under $10. Actually, Wet n Wild and L.A. Girl are closer to $2 and $3 each! These three brands have gorgeous nail polish collections and beautiful colours. Nail polish is an excellent stocking stuffer idea for any beauty lover!

Another stocking stuffer idea (and yet another lip balm) is the Natural Vanilla Bean Lip Butter from Pure Anada. I first tried this lip butter about a year ago and I liked it right away! It’s super moisturizing and it smells delicious! It retails for $3 for 5 g of product. If you’ve ever tried the Vanilla Bean Lip Balm from Burt’s Bees, this is comparable. Lip balm is always a great idea — I mean, who doesn’t like lip balm? — and this one is great!

And my last cruelty-free stocking stuffer idea is the soap from Lush. I love the soap from Lush! I don’t use it often — because it’s on the pricier side — but it’s so awesome! These soaps are made from natural ingredients and come in a variety of scents, and I would say that most of the soaps from Lush are usually in the range of $7 or $8 for 100 g. These soaps make your skin feel and smell so good! I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like the soap from Lush. I highly, highly recommend this soap!

I hope this list was a bit helpful for those of you who are looking for some last minute cruelty-free stocking stuffer ideas! I’ve tried every single one of these products and I highly recommend them all!

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