My Favourite Cozy Night-In Things to Do! | Blogmas Day 6!

I’d say it’s now that time of year when it’s totally acceptable to hang out at home doing some cozy night-in activities! That’s the thing I probably love best about winter — being able to snuggle up inside doing what I love! Today I want to share with you what some of my favourite cozy night-in activities are. These are some of the things I like to do when I don’t feel like going out — when I feel like just staying in and being cozy …which, I have to be honest, is pretty much all the time!

I love having a movie marathon! Making snacks, getting cozy, and settling in to watch my favourite movies is one of my favourite things to do, especially during the cold winter months. My Grandma also loves to settle in and watch a good movie, so many times it’s just her and I hanging out watching whatever sounds good to us!

During the winter months, I also love to take the occasional bubble bath. Bubble baths are so calming and warm, and are perfect for relaxation! I really love lavender or jasmine scented bubble baths and my favourite brand of bubble bath is Nature’s Basics!  They smell so good and they’re so affordable! I also love to light one of my favourite candles and listen to some of my favourite music while relaxing in the bath! It’s a great way to relax when it’s cold outside or when I’m not feeling too good.

Another cozy night-in activity that I love is snuggling up with either a good book or something else to read. I love cozying up with a fuzzy blanket and a pillow and just reading whatever I feel like in the moment. We don’t have a fireplace in our house, but if we did, it would be absolutely perfect! It’s also nice when my cat, Lucille, cozies up!

I also like to cook comfort food! Who doesn’t like to get into their comfy clothes and make their favourite hot dish on a cold day?! I love any kind of vegetarian pasta, pizza, and soup!

And the last thing on my list is doing something beauty related! It’s always fun to apply a face mask, soak my feet, or paint my nails while watching a bit of TV or listening to music!

What cozy night-in things do you like to do?

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