Welcome to Blogmas! | Blogmas Day 1!

Welcome to day 1 of Blogmas! Today’s post is just going to be a bit of an introduction to what’s to come over the next 24 festive days!

I’ve had my blog for over two years now — with this being the third holiday season — but up until this point, I haven’t taken part in Blogmas. I’ve wanted to participate for years — even before I created my blog — but the last two years that I have had my blog, I never got around to doing it! Well, this year, I finally decided to take the leap and contribute to Blogmas!

I have blog ideas planned for every day leading up to Christmas that are all going to be Christmas, holiday, or winter related! I plan on sharing Christmas vegan recipes, holiday inspired nail looks, some cruelty-free holiday beauty posts, and some personal posts!

Blogmas is going to be fun! And it’s definitely going to be different for me because I’ve never been a daily blogger, but I definitely have high hopes and I’m super excited!

I hope you enjoy my upcoming Blogmas posts! If you’re participating, definitely let me know! I’d love to read your Blogmas posts!


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