Recent Thrift Finds #1

I absolutely love thrift store shopping! It’s definitely one of my favourite hobbies. I don’t do as much of it now as I once did, but I still really enjoy finding all kinds of interesting and useful things!

I decided months ago that I really wanted to start posting more on thrifting, but I haven’t really posted too much yet. So, to really get things going, I decided that I’m going to be doing quarterly thrift hauls! I normally don’t like hauls all that much — even though I do have a few small hauls on my blog — but I thought it would be fun to show the kinds of things that I get when I go thrifting. You can really find all kinds of useful and interesting stuff in thrift stores! Some of the things that I find while thrifting, I would never purchase new, but I end up finding a lot of stuff that I love! And the prices are usually awesome!

Today I thought I’d show you what I’ve purchased while thrifting over the last few months! The last couple months, though, I haven’t done too much thrifting because there’s been a lot going on. But I did find a few great items — mostly movies — that I’m really excited about! Here’s what I’ve found over that last few months!

First, I found this gorgeous peacock tea cup & saucer set! I was so excited when I found it! I love collecting different-looking teacup sets, and this one is definitely different to anything I had before. I think I picked this up for $3.99!

I also found a bunch of DVDs! Most of these, I actually got in one shot at one thrift store. I didn’t even realize at the time that there was a sale going on, so I got most of these DVDs for about a dollar a piece!  I still would have purchased them at their regular price, but it was a nice surprise to find out they were on sale!

I picked up a few VHS tapes as well! These were all $0.99 cents each!  They’re all older movies that I’d seen before but I thought I’d add them to my collection.

And, finally, I found this great Homer Simpson Mug! Anybody that really knows me, knows that I’ve always loved The Simpsons. I’ve literally grown up watching it and I used to tune in for every single episode!  So I’m really excited about this mug!

And that’s what I’ve found over the last few months! As you can see, it’s mostly movies — which I collect — and not a whole lot of other items. But, that’s how it is sometimes!

Do you like thrift store shopping?



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