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Mani Monday # 13: I Like To Mauve It, Mauve It!

Happy Labour Day!

Today, I’m back with another Mani! Right now, I’m wearing two coats of Taormina by Maison Jacynthe — a lovely mauve taupe colour — and then a bit of Counting Carats by China Glaze on the tips of my nails. Maison Jacynthe actually sent me Taormina in June for a review, if you’re interested in checking it out!  I really like it because it’s got such good coverage. I could have easily gotten away with just wearing one coat, but I like when my nail colour is really opaque.

I saw a picture on Pinterest a while ago of a similar manicure that I really loved! The only thing is that the colour of the nail polish in the picture was a bit lighter — more of a nude colour — with gold on the tips. This was the closest colour that I had, but I think it would have looked a bit better with more of a nude colour. I still like it, though!

What’s currently on your nails?

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