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Buying Cruelty-Free in Canada | Affordable Shopping

When I read other cruelty-free blogs, many times the products, stores, and websites they’re recommending are on the pricier side. To a lot of us, it’s just not feasible to be dropping tons of money on every product we use. The pricey recommendations, I think, also throw off some people who are contemplating going cruelty-free. They think that everything cruelty-free is expensive, and that’s just not true. It’s possible to buy both affordable and cruelty-free products.

I also find that truly affordable cruelty-free products are not always in abundance in Canadian stores, like they are in the U.S., but they’re definitely out there — and at the stores that a lot of us Canadians typically shop at. These are the stores that I like to visit to find my favourite affordable cruelty-free products! They’re not all Canadian stores but these stores are all across Canada!

The first store that I recommend is This online store carries a lot of cruelty-free options, many times on sale. It’s also a great place to shop if you’re looking to get everything in one place rather than going to multiple stores.

The next store I suggest checking out is Superstore. Many locations carry various cruelty-free brands like JASON, Alba Botanica, Live Clean and numerous other brands at reasonable prices. I don’t shop too often at Superstore — mainly because I can get stuff at other stores — but I know that they have a fair selection of cruelty-free brands and products.

Another store that I really like to shop at is Shoppers Drug Mart. I probably visit this store more frequently than others — that is, when I’m not finding deals online! My local Shoppers Drug Mart carries a pretty good selection of cruelty-free products, but I know different locations across Canada carry different products and brands. It’s definitely worth checking out!

I also recommend checking out Walmart and I know a lot of people are against Walmart for obvious reasons, but they do carry some affordable cruelty-free products. I find when shopping at Walmart, I’m able to find a greater selection of cruelty-free products online. There are some options in store for certain things, but there are definitely more online. Brands you can find at Walmart and on include JASON, Tom’s of Maine, Live Clean, e.l.f., Flower, and more. is also another amazing website for buying cruelty-free in Canada. They carry a wide selection of cruelty-free, organic/natural, and vegan products at all different price points. They carry anything from hair care, skin care, and body care to household products, baby products, and personal care products (like toothpaste, deodorant, etc.).

And the last store that I really like to shop at is Winners. Many times they’ll have some of my favourite cruelty-free products at a lower price. Now, just like the rest of the stores listed above, not all products at Winners are cruelty-free. But, many times, there’s definitely a good selection of various cruelty-free products!  I’ve noticed that a lot are also vegan, so that’s a win-win in my book!

I hope this list was helpful!  Sometimes, it just takes a bit of looking around to find good and affordable cruelty-free products in Canada.  If you can, take some time to browse these stores — you might find something you love!

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