New Year’s Resolutions | 2017


Happy New Year!

Now that we’re four days into 2017, I thought it was time to share my new year’s resolutions!  I’m generally not someone who has new year’s resolutions because I think anytime is a good time to make changes and/or start something new.  Why wait for a new year?  But, recently I was thinking about certain things that I want to accomplish and change.  So, I decided on some new year’s resolutions!

The first thing that I want to make sure I accomplish is to continue to blog at least three times a week.  I think I’ve been doing that the past few months, and I really want to stick with it!  Three posts a week, I think, is doable and it’s something that I plan on continuing throughout this year!

I also would like to introduce more vegan meals into my diet.  I’m a full-time vegetarian and I make vegan choices when I can, but I’m far from being a vegan.  I want to start making more vegan-friendly choices because my ultimate goal is to become a full-time vegan.  Hopefully this plan will be successful!

Another goal of mine for this year is to buy more natural/organic cruelty-free beauty products.  I always buy cruelty-free beauty products, but I would like to start using more “natural” products that are free of harmful chemicals.  I want to take care of my skin and body and making this change will be helpful!

In 2017, I would also like to have more adventure and create more memories!  I’m not looking to do huge things, but I just want to do more fun and memorable things so that I’ll always be able to positively think back on my twenties and all the good times I had!

In line with having more adventure and creating more memories, I would also like to take more pictures.  Sometimes, things just pass me by and I never document it by taking a picture.  I want to change this!  Pictures are a good way to remember good times!

I also want to make sure I read more.  I like reading, but I don’t seem to do enough of it!  I’m usually busy in the day and then by the evening, I’m usually pretty tired and I tend to lose focus.  I really want to change this and find more books that I love!

And my last new year’s resolution is to do more stuff that makes me happy!  I’ve never mentioned this on this blog because I want my blog to be a positive place, but I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety for years.  My ultimate goal in life is to be truly happy, and to do that I need to be doing things that make me feel happy!  I definitely want to be doing more of that!

Those are my current new year’s resolutions!  What are some of your resolutions?


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