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Ending Cosmetics Testing on Animals Around the World

Animal testing of cosmetics around the world will hopefully one day end.  In recent years, we’ve seen countries creating different laws and working toward the end of cosmetic animal testing.  It’s an exciting thought that, while we’re still quite far from ending animal testing for cosmetic purposes, we are getting closer all the time!

The bad news is that animal testing is completely legal in 80% of countries around the world.  It’s also legally required in China.  But the good news is that there are more than 600 completely cruelty-free beauty brands around the world, and there are numerous countries that have banned cosmetic animal testing, as well as other countries that are working in that direction!

Countries That Have Animal Testing Bans in Place:

In 1998, the United Kingdom banned animal testing on cosmetics and their ingredients.

In 2009, the European Union banned cosmetic animal testing and in 2013, it banned the sale of cosmetics that have been tested on animals (including the ingredients).

Norway followed suit and banned cosmetic animal testing at the same time as the European Union.

In 2013, Israel banned cosmetics, toiletries, and detergents that have been tested on animals.

In 2014, São Paulo, Brazil banned cosmetic animal testing.

In 2014, India issued a ban on cosmetic animal testing.  In November, 2014, it banned cosmetics that have been tested on animals.

In 2015, New Zealand banned animal testing.

In 2015, Turkey put a stop to cosmetic animal testing for products already on the market.

In 2016, Taiwan banned cosmetic animal testing for finished products and cosmetic ingredients.

Countries Working for Animal Testing Change:

In the last couple of years, other countries around the world have had bills brought forth related to ending animal testing of cosmetics.  Countries working toward change when it comes to testing cosmetics on animals include: Argentina, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, and the United States.

Hopefully one day we’ll look back and see the use of animals for cosmetics testing as a thing of the past.  It’s a cruel practice that has been proven to be unnecessary.  There are so many brands around the world that choose to not use animals when creating their products, so it’s time to put a stop to animal testing.

5 thoughts on “Ending Cosmetics Testing on Animals Around the World

  1. The same way that one day we’ll look back at our mistakes for testing on animals, I hope that one day we’ll reach a point where we can admit that eating them is wrong too. Probably much further off than the end of animal testing though


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