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The Body Shop Shea Shower Cream Review

Today I’m going to be sharing my review of the Shea Shower Cream from The Body Shop!  Here are my thoughts!

The Shea Shower Cream is a soap-free, moisturizing, rich cleanser suitable for both men and women.  It’s very creamy and I find it leaves my skin feeling super soft and looking hydrated and healthy.  I also really love the shea scent!  I absolutely love the Shea line from The Body Shop — it smells amazing and everything is always very moisturizing!  The scent from this particular product tends to linger after exiting the shower, which I love!

The Shea Shower Cream contains Community Trade shea butter — which contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E, which help hydrate skin and create a skin protecting barrier; and also Community Trade organic sesame oil and Sunflower seed oil, which help soften and moisturize skin.

With all the benefits/positives of the Shea Shower Cream, there are also some negatives.  This shower cream is not very thick and it doesn’t lather very well.  I’ve read that the previous formula, up until a couple years ago, was thicker and lathered better.  I’ve never tried the older formula, but that’s always disappointing when a product’s formula changes for the worse.  I do find, however, that using a loofah really helps with lathering.

The Shea Shower Cream is available at The Body Shop for $9 and contains 250 ml of product.

Here are some pros and cons!

Smells good (good for both men and women)
Scent lingers

Not vegan (contains honey)
Pricey ($9.00 for 250 ml of product)
Not very thick
Doesn’t lather very well

Overall, I like this product.  It has its pros and cons and it just depends which ones outweigh which!

If you have any plans to try this product, I highly recommend using it with a loofah, because it really does help lather a bit better.

Have you tried the Shea Shower Cream from The Body Shop?

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