Where I Like To Find Fun And Affordable Jewelry!

I live for fashion jewelry!  I always love adding new pieces to my collection.  But, I’m not looking to spend a tonne of money on each piece because it can become expensive.  I’m not really someone who’s focused on specific brands; I just look for items that I like and that are good prices.

Over the years, I’ve found that I tend to go back to the same stores when I’m looking to buy some new fashion jewelry.  So, today I’m going to be sharing with you where I like getting affordable and fun fashion jewelry!

The first place that I really like to find jewelry is Aldo Accessories!  I absolutely love this store! I always find such fun items and they always seem to have really great sales!  I also love some of their jewelry sets!  I don’t always like matching my earrings and necklace, but sometimes I love it!

I also really love Forever 21 when it comes to fashion jewelry!  I find Forever 21 has a lot of similar pieces to Aldo Accessories, but the price tag is usually quite a bit smaller.  Some Forever 21 jewelry pieces are are not very good, but they sometimes have some really great pieces!  I’m always able to find something I like at Forever 21.

Old Navy is another really great store to find chic, inexpensive fashion jewelry.  When I used to think of Old Navy, I never really thought of fashion jewelry, but they always have quite a lot of fashion jewelry.  And the jewelry they sell is really fun!

Another store I love to find fashion jewelry is Suzy Shier.  Suzy Shier always has some great jewelry and most items are usually under $10.  Their fashion jewelry is always on trend and a lot of items look and feel like good quality!

I also really like shopping at Hudson’s Bay.  Hudson’s Bay sells both expensive and inexpensive fashion jewelry!  I always love checking out the clearance and sale items because I’ll usually find some nice earrings or a fun ring for like $3!  It’s definitely a fun store to look for affordable fashion jewelry!

And the last store that I like to look for inexpensive fashion jewelry is in Thrift stores!  Sometimes there are some really nice, classic pieces available for next to nothing!  I sometimes find really great quality items that would cost a bundle new!  I always love looking in Thrift stores for some great fashion jewelry!

Where do you look for fashion jewelry?

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