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Why I Choose To Adopt | Meet My Kitties!

I’ve adopted three times in my life …well, in different ways.  I’ve never actually adopted from a shelter because my kitties came to me on their own, but I’ve also never supported a breeder or private seller.  However, I know in the future when I choose to expand my fur family, I’ll be heading over to my local shelter to adopt!

My mom adopted my first cat, Brandy, in late 1997 when Brandy started hanging around our house in the middle of the winter.  My mom thought it was kind of odd that there was a young cat attempting to jump into our house any time one of us opened the door.  My mom decided to let Brandy in because it was absolutely freezing out.  She called our local shelter and also put an add in our local paper to see if anyone was missing a cat.  No one responded.  So we decided, as a family, that we were going to adopt her.  And it’s a good thing we did because within a few months, there was a huge ice storm, which tore down power lines, turned out the power, made the roads an absolute mess, and even killed people.  If we hadn’t adopted Brandy, she would have died.  I’m so thankful we adopted her!  I had her until September 2013 when I had to make the extremely hard to decision to have her put down because she had late stage cancer and was starting to really suffer.


Lucille was the next cat that we adopted, in August 2004.  She was a kitten when we got her.  Lucille has probably had the cushiest life out of all of my cats, because she was never a street cat.  We got her when the cat of someone we knew at the time had accidentally become pregnant and had had kittens.  Lucille was the only kitten that I’ve had and will probably be the only kitten that I’ll ever have because I like the idea of adopting senior cats!  I still have Lucille with me these days!  She’s such a good, loving, cuddly cat!


And Louie, we adopted him a few months after Lucille — in December 2004!  Louie was a real street cat.  I’m not really sure where he came from because he just came to us, and we decided to take him in.  Louie was a big, tough cat.  I know he’d had a harsh life out on the streets for some time.  I suspect he might have even been abused by someone.  He had scratches all over him, a cauliflower ear, and was so hungry when he first arrived.  For the first while of him living with us, he wanted nothing to do with us.  He didn’t want to be touched or looked at — he just wanted to be left alone.  But after a while, he started to open up.  I saw Louie transform from a cat ready to fight, to the sweetest, most loving, friendliest cat in the entire world.  I had Louie for just over six years (he had to be put down because he had kidney failure and there was nothing that could be done), and I’m so grateful for the time that I had with him.  I know he felt loved and appreciated and to see that transformation was incredible!


I will always choose to adopt rather than buy!  I’m so thankful for all of my fur babies and I miss and love them with all my heart and soul!  But, I’m very thankful that, at this moment, I still have my Lucille!

I hope you’ll adopt too, because it’s always the better and more humane option!

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