My Fall Fashion Favourites!

Fall Fashion Favourites

It’s officially fall, so I’m totally happy!  I love the cooler mornings, the crisp air, and all the colourful leaves!  I also love fall because it’s my favourite time of year for my personal style!  I always have a bit more fun with my style in the fall.  So, I thought today I would share with you my favourite fall fashion items!

1. The first fall fashion item…or items that I live in during the fall are booties!  Booties are so comfortable and stylish and are perfect for the fall. I don’t really like wearing any that are too high because I find those uncomfortable; I usually like wearing 3-inches or lower, that way I’m comfortable if I’m doing a lot of walking.  I also never wear leather, so I make sure that the booties I buy are made of man-made, vegan materials!  I have a few pairs that I love — mostly in neutral colours, that way they go with everything!  I do have one pair of bubblegum pink booties, though, that I love!

2. I also really love wearing dark nail polish in the fall!  I feel like fall is the time of year that I can get away with it the most!  I like dark purples, dark reds, and maroons.  I also really like metallic nail polish in the fall.  China Glaze is definitely my favourite nail polish brand, but I also really like Mineral Fusion, Wet n Wild, and SpaRitual!

3. Other fashion items that I really like wearing during the fall are statement jewelry pieces!  I love fun, metallic necklaces and earrings — especially in the fall — because they’re good at helping dress up casual outfits!  I always buy fun and affordable jewelry because, let’s face it, jewelry eventually breaks.  Over the years, I’ve found some really nice pieces at the thrift store, so if you’re ever looking for some new jewelry and you don’t want to drop a lot of money, definitely check out your local thrift store(s)!

4. I also love a good statement scarf in the fall!  They’re a good way to keep warm while also looking put together and stylish!  I’ve gotten quite a few of my scarves at Winners and I’ve even found a few of them while thrift store shopping!  To be honest, I’ve gained quite a collection over the years …too many, in fact!

5. And the last fall fashion item I like to include in my wardrobe is a fun purse!  A good purse is another great way to dress up a casual outfit, and it’s a more functional way of adding style!  I also like to get a lot of my purses at Winners.  They’re very affordable and I find a lot of vegan ones, which is so important to me because I don’t wear leather at all.  I’ve actually also found quite a few at thrift stores for only a few dollars each!

Fall is always my favourite time of year when it comes to fashion/style.  I’m not the most stylish person in the world, but I do like adding some fun pieces to my outfits — especially in the fall!

What’s one of your favourite fall fashion items?

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