What Are My Hobbies?

I’ve been thinking for a while that I want to sort of bring you guys into my life a little more in the form of more “personal” posts.  I typically don’t get too personal on this blog — for many reasons — but I do want to start posting more life blog posts!  When I read blog posts, and browse different blogs, I always like it when I feel like I know the blogger — like they’re a friend or something!

So, today I thought I’d start by posting all about my hobbies!  I’m not someone with a tonne of hobbies or ones that are overly interesting, but these are the types of activities that I enjoy doing!

1. The first hobby that I know I’ve mentioned before is thrift store shopping!  I love thrift store shopping!  Any kind of second hand shop is where I tend to spend quite a bit of my time and money in!  It’s so fun to find interesting, and many times really valuable stuff for cheap!

2. I also really love watching movies!  I love going to the theatre to watch a movie and eat snacks, and really just make a whole experience out of it!  But, I also really love getting into my pyjamas and watching a good movie on my TV at home!  Either way, I just love watching movies — especially comedies and romantic comedies!  I also like collecting movies — many of which I find while thrift store shopping!

3. Another one of my hobbies is writing!  If you’re a blogger, then writing is probably one of your hobbies too!  I love blogging but I also write poetry and lyrics!  I find writing to be relaxing…most of the time!  Sometimes if I’m not into it, it can feel forced.  But, for the most part I really like writing!

4. This is probably my most boring sounding hobby, but I love organizing!  I’ll organize anything!  For me, it becomes a project to work on — to get everything organized and in order is something that I just love!

5. I also really love baking!  I love making all kinds of vegan home baked treats!  I’m not a full-time vegan, but I always make sure that my baked treats are vegan!  They’re just as delicious and are cruelty-free!

6. Another hobby of mine is listening to music!  Sometimes I just enjoy relaxing and listening to music — whether I’m going for a walk or having a nice hot bath!  I like any and all music, but the type of music I listen to all depends on how I’m feeling at the moment!

7. And the last hobby on my list is hiking!  I find hiking in the woods to be so relaxing, yet good exercise.  Just being with nature and sometimes seeing animals is so peaceful!  It’s definitely one of my favourite hobbies!

And that’s it!  I’m a pretty casual person who just goes with the flow!  I’m happy to just go with whatever is going on in life!  Many times, I just enjoy going to the mall, going out to eat, or just hanging out with the people I love!

I hope you guys are interested in more “personal” blog posts!  If there’s anything at all that you want to know about me or that you would want me to write a post on, let me know in the comments, or you can always send me an email.  I can be contacted through my Contact page, or you can email me at

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