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Toria’s Top Ten: 10 Reasons To Adopt!


I will always be pro animal adoption!  Adopting is so important and can make such a difference in the lives of animals!  I thought, today, I would share with you ten reasons why adopting animals is so important!

1. Adopting saves lives!  So many animals are put down every year because they don’t get adopted.  Some shelters just simply don’t have enough space for the number of animals that arrive.  While many try moving animals around to other shelters, it’s not always possible.

2. As much as I hate thinking about animals as “things” you can buy, adopting is actually cheaper than buying from a breeder.

3. Most animals in shelters are mixed breeds.  Mixed breeds are more likely to live longer and not have as many health issues as purebred animals.

4. Adopting helps fight bad breeders.  So many people are in the breeding industry to make money.  They don’t care about the well-being of the animals.  Many times, animals are not taken care of.  They’re locked up, abused, not properly fed, etc.

5. Most animals in shelters are already house trained.  This means that you won’t have to spend time and money on potty training and things of that nature.

6. When you adopt, you get to choose what kind of pet you want.  You can pick an animal with a certain type of personality, or one of a specific age, size, colour — whatever!

7. Animals in shelters are many times already spayed/neutered and have had their vaccinations.  Spaying/neutering pets and getting their vaccinations can be really costly, but many times shelters do this before animals are available for adoption.  The money that’s saved can instead go toward buying them good food, treats, and toys!

8. Most of the time, animals in shelters are already socialized, which means they can interact well with kids and other pets.

9. Adopting gives animals hope.  It gives them a second chance.  Many feel abandoned and forgotten.  I know some people find it hard to really sympathize with animals or understand that they have feelings just like us, but they do.  So when they’re adopted it gives them hope that there’s someone out there who loves them!

10. You’ll always have a friend.  Shelter animals who are adopted tend to be more appreciative and show more affection, so you’ll never have to worry about being lonely when you adopt an animal!

Have you ever adopted an animal?

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