How I Stay Organized!

I’m someone who seriously loves organization!  I absolutely love organizing — anything and everything!  I find it super cathartic.  I try to be pretty organized in most aspects of my life so that I get things done on time and get them done well. That being said, today I want to share with you the basic ways that help me keep my life organized — no matter what I have going on.  I have anxiety, and it tends to really bother me when I’m not organized.  So, I like to have certain easy ways of helping myself stay organized. These are easy things to do that really help me stay on track and accomplish the things that I want and need to do!  Without further ado, here is how I stay organized!

1. Make lists.  I love making lists!  Actually, I think list making runs in my family!  My mom was a big list maker and my grandparents are also list makers!  I write down everything — anything from what I have to buy to what I have to do.  I find list making helps me to relax a little bit and not have as much anxiety because everything that needs to be done is all in one place.  And by writing it down, it not only helps me remember, it gets it all out of my head so I can stop any potential worrying!

2. Plan ahead.  If I plan and organize everything ahead of time — regardless of what it is — everything always goes much more smoothly and I have less anxiety.

3. Use my agenda/calendar.  I always make sure to stay up-to-date with it.  I put everything in my agenda — every appointment, event, social gathering, etc.  I always make sure to check the week before to see what’s coming up, so that I can prepare myself or do anything that I need to in advance.  I also like to colour code everything!  I have all my appointments one colour, events another colour, and all my other agenda entries other colours.

4. Make time to organize.  This goes hand in hand with the first three things that I do to stay organized.  I always make sure I have a bit of time to organize everything so that I can keep track of everything.  If I didn’t make time, I wouldn’t be organized!

5. Plan extra time.  I always make sure to plan extra time for something, that way I don’t have to worry about not getting something done.  If I accomplish a task early, I can either get started on something else or use it as free time!  Doing this prevents so much stress!

6. Communication.  No matter what it is, I make sure I communicate.  If I’m going to be late to meet with someone, I make sure to let them know.  If I’m unsure of something, I ask.  Communication is key!

Those are the top things that I do to keep myself organized!  Like I said, I love being organized, and doing these few easy things, helps me accomplish everything I need to with as little anxiety as possible!

How do you keep your life organized?

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