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Flower Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara and Intensif-Eye Volumizing Mascara | A Review and Comparison

Flower makes so many wonderful makeup items that are cruelty-free, high-quality, and affordable!  It’s one of my favourite makeup brands of all time!  It’s been a great brand for me to buy makeup because, like I said, it’s cruelty-free and it’s easily available at Walmart!  I never have to worry about spending too much money on makeup when I shop for Flower beauty products!

I’ve tried many items and found many great ones within this brand…and I like sharing my thoughts on various cruelty-free beauty products with you, so today I thought I would do a review and comparison of two of Flower’s mascaras.  I’m going to be comparing the Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara and the Intesif-Eye Volumizing Mascara and reviewing both.  Flower does have a third mascara called the Outstretched Lengthening Mascara — which I haven’t tried yet.  I would also like to do a review of that mascara with the other two, but for now, I thought I would just do a review and comparison between the two mascaras that I have tried!

Without further ado, here’s some more information on the Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara and the Intesif-Eye Volumizing Mascara!

Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara

The Zoom-In Ultimate mascara is by far my favourite mascara of all time!  It’s such a great mascara that adds both length and volume.  It contains 0.29 oz of product and is priced around the $8 to $9 mark, which in my opinion is an excellent price for good-quality mascara.  This mascara comes in five colours — Intense Black, Black, Brown Black, Brown, and Waterproof Intense Black.

The Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara’s wand is large enough that it can get all lashes in one swipe, but it’s not too big so that it’s too hard to maneuver!  I’ve tried mascaras that have small wands and it always feels like so much more work to put on mascara than it should, and I’ve also tried mascaras that have a wand that is so big that it pretty much gets mascara on everything except my lashes!  But the Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara’s wand is the perfect size!  What makes this mascara really special is that the wand can be twisted three different ways to add different effects to eyelashes.

This mascara is fast drying on lashes, lasts all day, and doesn’t flake!  It fills out lashes without clumping, leaving lashes natural looking!  Well…as natural looking as wearing mascara looks!

I highly recommend the Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara to everyone!

Intesif-Eye Volumizing Mascara

Honestly, the Intensif-Eye Volumizing mascara was not my favourite.  It does provide quite a bit of volume, but I found I really had to work it on to my lashes so that it wouldn’t leave clumps.  I really don’t like clumpy lashes; I like as natural-looking lashes as possible, and this mascara just did not meet my standard.

On the positive side, this mascara also dries quickly on lashes, lasts all day, and doesn’t flake.  It contains 0.35 oz of product and is also priced around the $8 to $9 mark.  This mascara is paraben-free, talc-free, phthalate-free, gmo-free, and sulfate-free.  In addition, Flower states that this mascara is ideal for contact-lens wearers; I don’t wear contacts so I can’t confirm this.  This mascara comes in three colours — Deepest Black, Black, and Black Cherry.

Overall, I didn’t like this mascara.  But, If you’re looking for a decent volumizing mascara and you don’t mind working your mascara onto your lashes, then this could be a good, cruelty-free, inexpensive mascara for you.

Between the two mascaras, I would, without a doubt, pick the Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara as my favourite!  I feel like it’s better quality and it achieves the look that I’m going for much more than the Intensif-Eye Volumizing Mascara does.

I hope this review and comparison was helpful!  I’m going to try the Outstretched Lengthening Mascara sometime in the future and I’ll be sure to let you know my thoughts on that mascara!

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