Animal Rights

My Thoughts on Trophy Hunting

Today I want to talk (rant) about the disgusting act of trophy hunting.  For those unaware, trophy hunting is when someone hunts an animal to keep part of it as a “trophy”.  It’s basically killing for recreation — which, in my opinion, is the worst type of hunting.

Why someone would want to kill animal — just because they can — is completely beyond me.  I can’t begin to comprehend what is so thrilling and rewarding about taking the life of an innocent animal, and then keeping a part of their body as a “trophy”.  What is someone missing in their life that they think this is remotely acceptable behaviour?  I’m not sure I can — or ever will — see the fun in killing an animal.  What is so fun about tracking an animal down, murdering it, hacking off the “trophy”, and then leaving the remainder of the carcass?  What a waste.  It’s just absolutely senseless.  There’s clearly no respect for life when it comes to these people.  Those innocent animals that are tracked down and killed have every right to be here, just as the idiot hunting them does.

Most of the time, trophy hunters are people who are well off.  They’re well established, they have money, and many have good education.  Yet they use their status to take away innocent lives.  I really hate when I see this because these people could be doing such great things in the world and could really make a difference, but instead, they choose to kill an animal and hang it’s head on their wall.  What kind of sick person sees joy in ending an animal’s life just to say they did?  Where’s the thrill in that?

I’m someone who doesn’t believe in any type of hunting, but trophy hunting is the worst kind of hunting that exists.  Killing an animal just to hang its head on a wall is absolutely incomprehensible.

I believe that trophy hunting should be banned all around the world.  It’s a barbaric act committed by sad, weak people.  When will people realize that trophy hunting is not a “sport”?  All it is is senseless murder.

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