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Why I Boycott Circuses, Zoos, Aquariums, and Any Other Forms of Animal Entertainment

For today’s blog post, I wanted to share with you guys why I don’t support circuses, zoos, aquariums, and any other forms of animal entertainment.  I did a post similar to this a while ago, where I shared why I don’t buy fur, leather, or wool, which you can check out here if you wish to.  But today’s post is all about the reasons I don’t believe in animal entertainment.

Animals are beautiful, unpredictable creatures, who don’t deserve the cruelty that many face when it comes to animal entertainment.  I believe that humans don’t have the right to control and use other animals for our own entertainment.  Many animals who are used as entertainment are abused, miserable, and many die because they are not properly taken care of.

These are the reasons I don’t support Circuses, Zoos, Aquariums, and any other forms of animal entertainment.

Animals don’t naturally learn tricks.  Trainers use violence to train these animals, so that they become fearful and will do what the trainers want them to do.  Many trainers use whips, ropes, bullhooks, electric prods, and other devices used to torture.  Animals are beaten until the point of bleeding, serious injury, and sometimes even death.  Many animals are also very malnourished because many times, if they don’t cooperate, their trainer will not feed them as punishment.

When animals are not performing their tricks, they live their lives in small, cramped cages or small areas.  They’re kept in isolation in these tight spaces where many times they can’t even move around.  Because most circuses travel, most animals are in these tiny cages/tight spaces for hours and hours at a time, causing them to go insane because of the stress.  Many animals show symptoms of this by swaying back and forth, head-bobbing, pacing around, and sometimes, they purposely injure themselves.

These animals will never experience what they’re meant to experience… which is freedom.  They will live their lives in misery and cruelty.  Circus animals are many times not protected by the law, which means that trainers can do what they want to these animals and most will not face any type of punishment.

I will never support the circus, unless it’s an animal-free circus.  There is no such thing as a cruelty-free circus with animals.  The only type of circus that is cruelty-free is one without animals.

Please take a look at this video about Tyke, a circus elephant who eventually could not take it anymore and lashed out.  This is what the circus does to animals.  Tyke didn’t deserve this.  And neither does any other circus animal.

Video courtesy of PETA.

Like circuses, many animals in many different zoos don’t live in proper conditions.  They’re confined to a certain space where they live out their lives — many times in misery, sadness, and pain.  Many zoo animals suffer from stress and boredom.  They’re denied what is instinctive to them, which is to run around and live their lives in nature.

Animals in zoos are looked at as things.  They’re kept in their spaces where people can pay to look at them and take pictures.  I don’t think this is fair.  Animals are living beings and souls who deserve, just like all humans, to live their lives in happiness and in peace.  They don’t deserve to be treated like they’re nothing.  They don’t deserve to be abused and used for our own entertainment.

Tropical fish are stolen from the ocean and forced into captivity.  They are also kept in small spaces and some, such as orcas, are forced to perform tricks.  Marine life are also beaten, just like circus animals.  They’re abused and live their lives in misery and pain.

At SeaWorld, orcas are kept in chemically treated water and don’t even have enough room to do a flip under water.  What many people don’t realize when they go to SeaWorld, is that the height of the water in the orcas’ pool is less than the length of an average orca.  When people see an orca “perform” they don’t realize that the pool their watching them in is their home.  They don’t go to a more enjoyable space when they’re not performing tricks.  The parking lot at SeaWorld is larger than the orcas’ living space.

Aquariums are many times just as cruel as other forms of animal entertainment, but many times people don’t seem to care as much because they believe that they’re “only fish”.  I, however, will never support any aquariums because to support them would be to support animal cruelty.

Ultimately, I don’t support any kind of animal entertainment.  There is so much cruelty involved in all forms of this type of “entertainment”.  I hope one day animal cruelty won’t exist and that we will live in peace amongst other animals.



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