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The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine Review

Today I’m back with another cruelty-free hair care product review!  This product is another one from The Body Shop*.  Today’s blog post is my review of the Coconut Oil Hair Shine from The Body Shop.

I picked this product up in my haul from The Body Shop a while ago.  I decided I wanted to try a new hair care product, because I love them, so I picked this up!  I’ve had time to test it out since then, so that I could share my opinion of the product with you.

The Coconut Oil Hair Shine is “a moisturizing balm made with pure coconut oil to shine and define all hair types.”  It’s a thick balm that smoothes hair and tames any flyaways.

This hair shine smells pretty good.  It does smell like coconut, but the scent isn’t too strong.  When I applied it to my hair, I found that it did a nice job of smoothing out any little hairs sticking up.  I applied only a bit to my already dried and styled hair.  The one thing that puts me off a bit about this product is that, while it does smell pretty good, once it was on my hair it smelled like something was burnt.  You know what I mean?  Like if you were to burn your hair while styling it, that’s what it smells like.  It wasn’t overpowering, but every time I smelled my hair, it kind of bugged me because it smelled like my hair was a bit burnt, which it isn’t.  Maybe it’s just me, but that was my impression of this product!

I got the Coconut Oil Hair Shine for $5 CAD; however, the original price of this product from The Body Shop is $10 CAD.  For this price, there is 50 g of product.

Here are some pros and cons of the Coconut Oil Hair Shine from The Body Shop!

Smells good in container
Tames flyaways

Original price is a bit pricey ($10 CAD for 50 g of product)
Left my hair smelling a bit burnt
Packaging is a bit difficult to open

I have to say, overall I do like this product.  Would I repurchase it?  I don’t know; we’ll see how I feel by the time I finish it!

Have you tried the Coconut Oil Hair Shine from The Body Shop?

*Note: The Body Shop is cruelty-free; however, its parent company is not.

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