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Toria’s Top Ten: 10 Tips For Healthy Hair!

Today we’re going to talk about hair!  As you can tell by the title, I want to share with you my top 10 tips for how to get and maintain healthy hair.  These are tips that I follow to really help my hair be its healthiest.  Many of these tips are definitely well known, but they really do help.  When I follow these tips, my hair is sleek, shiny, and also healthy!  Without further ado, here are 10 tips for healthy hair, in no particular order!

1. Wash your hair every few days, not every day.  Some people feel like they have to wash their hair every day, but if you feel you can get away with it, try washing your hair every 2 or 3 days, or even go 4 days between washes.  I used to wash my hair every day and, not only was that a lot of work (with having to style it every time and whatnot), but it also really dried out my hair.  Now I wash my hair about every 3 days, and it’s made a huge difference.

2. Let your hair mostly air dry, and then blow dry it if you need to.  I typically wash my hair at night, that way I can let it mostly air dry.  By morning, my hair is usually completely dry, but I typically use the hair dryer for less than a minute just to help give it a bit of volume.  The heat from a hair dryer can be really damaging on hair, so it’s best if its only used sporadically.

3. Use heat protectant when using hot styling tools.  Many of us use heated hair styling tools, which can wreak havoc on our hair.  Of course it’s better if heated styling products are hardly used, but most of us use something.  A little heat protectant on your hair will help prevent some damage.

4. Don’t brush it when it’s wet.  This is really important!  If hair is brushed when it’s wet, it can cause breakage.  The best way to detangle wet hair is to use a wide-tooth comb very gently.  This will help detangle hair with as little breakage as possible.

5. Wear a hat when in the sun for extended periods of time.  The sun can be so damaging on hair, particularly in the summer months.  I find my hair can start to feel like straw if I’m out in the sun all day.  So, to help prevent my hair from being fried in the sun, I like to wear a hat if I’m outside for a while.  It really makes a difference!

6. Use a deep repair masque/thick conditioner.  A while ago, I started using the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque and, oh my goodness, has it ever made a difference in my hair.  A good hair masque/thick conditioner/leave-in conditioner can really help hair feel really soft and look super shiny.

7. Have warm showers, not hot.  The hot water can really damage hair.  I find hot water really makes any dead/split ends look very obvious.  I like to wash my hair in warm water and then just before I get out, I’ll run freezing cold water over my hair to lock in the conditioner.  Running cold water over hair, will make it look really shiny!

8. Pat your hair dry with a towel.  Rubbing a towel all over your hair when you get out of the shower can can cause split ends/hair breakage and frizziness.  I like to pat my hair with the towel and then gently wrap my hair in the towel.  I find this really helps my hair.

9. Avoid using too many products.  Too many products can weigh down hair and can damage your hair.  I personally select 2 or 3 products that I feel my hair needs most and use them, rather than using a million different products.  Too many products can cause build-up which will cause a need to wash hair more often, which will dry out hair.

10. Eat healthy.  This is probably the most important thing you can do to get and maintain healthy hair.  Everything we put in our bodies can affect our hair, skin, etc.  If you eat nutritious food with lots of vitamins, it will do wonders for your hair!

And that’s it!  I hope this was helpful!  Do you guys have any tips for healthy hair?  I’d love to hear them!

4 thoughts on “Toria’s Top Ten: 10 Tips For Healthy Hair!

  1. Great tips, most of which I already use and have definitely seen an improvement in my hairs health. But not taking hot showers is so hard for me! I’m a naturally very cold person, so when I shower it’s usually the only time that I actually feel warm… THE STRUGGLE!

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