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30 MAC Lipstick Dupes | Cruelty-Free & Inexpensive!

One of my favourite makeup brands used to be MAC!  But you guys know that I like to buy cruelty-free.  Unfortunately, at this moment in time, MAC is not cruelty-free, and neither is its parent company, Estee Lauder.  MAC has the same policy as its parent company when it comes to testing on animals …it’s only done when required by law.  For me, that’s not good enough.  There are so many other cruelty-free brands out there that I can give my money to …companies who will not agree to sell in certain countries where cosmetics have to be tested on animals just to make a profit.

Like many of you, I’m sure, I really loved MAC lipsticks.  Ever since I stopped buying MAC, I’ve been on a mission to discover inexpensive, cruelty-free dupes to many of MAC’s lipsticks.  Today I want to share with you cruelty-free dupes for 30 different MAC lipsticks, to show you that there are cruelty-free alternatives out there that are just as high-quality.  I think sometimes people become attached to a brand, myself included, but is it worth animals suffering to be able to use a certain high-end brand of makeup?  I don’t think it is.  So without further ado, here are dupes for 30 MAC lipsticks:

If you like this MAC lipstick… Try this CRUELTY-FREE dupe…
Angel e.l.f. – Classy
Blankety Essence – Creamy Nude
Bombshell NYX – Rosebud
Brave NYX – Thalia
Candy Yum Yum Milani – Matte Diva
Chatterbox NYX – Fig
Craving e.l.f. – Raspberry
Crème Cup e.l.f. – Runway
Crème D’Nude e.l.f. – Natural Nymph
Cyber Wet ‘n Wild – Vamp It Up
Diva Wet ‘n Wild – Cherry Bomb
Honey Love Wet n’ Wild – Bare It All
Impassioned NYX – Spellbound
Lady Danger Colourpop – Clique
Peachstock Wet n’ Wild – Pink Suga
Please Me NYX – Tea Rose
Rebel Wet n’ Wild – Sugar Plum Fairy
Ruby Woo e.l.f. – Rich Red
Russian Red Milani – Matte Confident
Saint Germain NYX – Louisiana
Shy Girl NYX – Pumpkin Pie
Snob Colourpop – Pony
So Chaud Wet n’ Wild – Purty Persimmon
Spirit e.l.f. – Praline
Syrup Essence – Natural Beauty
Twig Milani – Rose Femme
Vegas Volt NYX – Haute Melon
Viva Glam I NYX – Alabama
Viva Glam II Milani – Matte Naked
Viva Glam III Colourpop – Lady

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