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Why I Don’t Buy Fur, Leather, or Wool

For today’s blog post, I thought I would share with you why I don’t buy fur, leather, or wool.  These industries cause so much animal cruelty, so they’re not industries that I will ever support.  Here’s why…

I’ve never supported the fur industry …and my family has never supported it, which I’m very proud of.  It’s an expensive industry and we always knew that it was wrong and completely unnecessary to take an animal’s fur coat.  We knew it was an ugly industry, but we never knew the details.  We probably didn’t want to know the details.  When I started getting into animal rights and researching it as a teenager, I learned more about the fur industry and I was disgusted by what I found.

  • About a third of fur sold in the U.S. is from animals who were caught in the wild.  These animals were most likely caught in steel-jaw traps, which close on their limbs and cause unbearable pain.  Many animals try to get away by attempting to gnaw off their trapped limbs.
  • A typical way animals are killed is by electrocuting them anally and genitally.  This is obviously extremely painful for the animals.  And many animals are often skinned alive and are left to die or die in the process — which is extremely barbaric.
  • In certain countries, there are no laws protecting animals raised for fur from severe abuse.  They suffer in silence and experience excruciating pain.
  • Eighty to eighty-five percent of animals raised for fur are raised on factory fur farms. They are crammed into cages together where they can’t move and can only wait to be killed.

The fur industry is disgusting and so unnecessary.  There are so many faux fur alternatives.  Billions of animals are killed every year for their fur, including dogs and cats.  I encourage you to really look at the fur industry and please stop supporting it if you do.  Take inspiration from the animal, don’t take the fur from the animal, that’s what I’m all about.

Every year, billions of animals are killed for leather.  A lot of leather comes into America from certain countries where not just cows are killed for leather, but also sheep, cats, and dogs.  It’s almost impossible to know where your leather came from or from what source it came from.  Some leather brought in is actually dog leather, and we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.  For me, however, cows being killed for leather is just as wrong as dogs being killed for leather.  Here are a few facts about the leather industry.

  • Cows raised for leather, including meat and dairy cows, experience excruciating pain.
  • They’re subjected to branding, castration, and dehorning all without painkillers.
  • Animals are violently killed in front of other animals, causing them to experience severe terror.
  • And some animals are skinned and cut up while they are still alive.  They literally die in the process of having their skin removed.

There is no good leather, except faux leather.  There are so many faux leather options that look and feel like leather.  To me, it’s not worth the suffering of billions of animals for me to carry a leather purse or wear a pair of leather shoes.

Growing up I never realized that the wool industry is just another cruel industry.  I always thought that sheep just had their wool sheared and that it was used to make clothing.  The fact is that many sheep are raised on huge factory farms, the most cruel type of farming.  Here are some facts about factory wool farming:

  • Lambs raised for wool typically have their tails chopped off and males are castrated, all without pain killers.
  • Many animals have their genitals accidentally cut off in the process of shearing their wool.
  • Many sheep die of hypothermia from being sheared prematurely, while many others die of heat exhaustion from having too much wool.  This wouldn’t naturally happen in the wild, because wild sheep were not designed the same way as factory farm sheep are today; they don’t produce nearly as much wool.  So the factory farm sheep have to have their wool sheared, otherwise they will die.  And because quotas have to be met, and money has to be made, animals are harmed.
  • Lambs raised for wool on factory farms are typically very malnourished, which cause a lot to die.
  • In the wool industry, there is a process referred to as “mulesing” which is when lambs have large chunks of skin carved out from their legs and around their tails …while they are still alive.  Many times clamps are used to cut off the circulation until the skin dies and falls off.  Again, this is excruciating for the animals and many times it’s all done without painkillers.

This is really only a sneak peak into these industries.  There’s so much more cruelty going on behind closed doors.  The good news is that there are so many alternatives to fur, leather, and wool.  I find not buying fur, leather, or wool to be so incredibly easy, and I save crazy amounts of money by not supporting these industries.  I don’t believe in murdering animals to take their skin/fur/wool or harm them in any way.

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