Toria’s Top Ten: 10 Simple Things That Make Me Happy!

Today I want to share with you 10 simple things that make me happy.  Sometimes in life, I think we forget about the little things that bring us joy.  Recently, I’ve been thinking about what really makes me happy; so without further ado, here are 10 things that bring me happiness!

1. Family
I have no idea what I would do without them!  They’re my support system and rock!  They support me in everything I do and they are genuinely kind, loving, generous people!

2. Animals
I just love animals!  I love that animals never judge; they love you as long as you love them!  I’ve always loved animals and I’ve always felt a connection to them.

3. Music
I don’t know what I’d do without music!  Everything I do in life, I do it to music!  However I’m feeling, I listen to music!

4. Writing
I love writing, but it can be difficult for me to sometimes get all the thoughts that are swirling around in my head on to paper …or computer in this case!  My favourite writing to do is poetry.  I love writing poems!

5. Candles
Who doesn’t love candles!?  Actually I know many people who don’t, but I do!  They make a room smell so good and they’re good at helping me relax!

6. Rain
I’m not a big fan of rain when I have to get somewhere important, but I love rain on a lazy day or at night.  The sound of it is just so calming!

7. Watching movies in the theatre
Going to the movies is the best!  It’s so fun to watch a movie on the big screen and eat snacks!  I love it!

8. Hiking
I really enjoy hiking!  It’s so peaceful in the woods, and I get to see animals sometimes!  It’s relaxing yet good exercise!

9. Making lists
I don’t think I’d be able to keep my life together if I didn’t make lists!  I love making lists!  I take after my mom in this area!

10. Flowers
I love flowers!  They’re beautiful and they smell so good!  If I could have fresh flowers all over my house at all times, I would!

What makes you happy?

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