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Flower Shine On Lip Gloss Review

Today I want to talk about Flower’s Shine On lip glosses and do a little review of them.  So, let’s get right into it, shall we?

I absolutely adore the makeup brand, Flower.  I love that it’s an inexpensive, good-quality, cruelty-free makeup brand that’s easily available at Walmart.

So, a few weeks ago, I was looking around in the makeup section at my local Walmart.  As I was browsing, it occurred to me that I had never tried Flower’s Shine On lip glosses.  So, I decided to pick one up.  I decided on the colour, Lovely Lotus, a beautiful baby pink colour.  As soon as I got my purchase home, I opened it.  I put it on my lips and I was hooked!  Like I said, the colour is beautiful, but the feel and look of this lip gloss on my lips is AMAZING!  It’s a very creamy, non-sticky (yet not watery) lip product that doesn’t dry out my lips.  When first applied, the colour is slightly sheer, but it’s very buildable without looking like cake lips!  It’s very comfortable and shiny on my lips, and even though it’s not made to plump lips, I feel like my lips look a little plumper when I’m wearing this lip gloss!  The only negative to this lip gloss, I would say, is that it’s not the best smelling.  It doesn’t smell terrible, but it’s definitely not a great scent; however, I don’t smell the lip gloss once it’s on my lips.  The scent is not really any different to other lip glosses.  I’m sure you know the scent I’m talking about!

I was so impressed with this lip gloss, I decided to go back to Walmart and pick up 4 more colours: Stop The Violets!, a beautiful berry colour; Nude Nectar, a brown nude colour; Pretty-in-petunia, a bright orange-coral colour; and Plum Pansy, a gorgeous mauve colour.  None of these colours disappointed me!

I believe there are a total of 10 colours at the moment in the Shine On line.


Here are some pictures/swatches of the 5 colours I picked up.

Lovely Lotus ($7.98 CAD)
Stop The Violets! ($7.98 CAD)
Nude Nectar ($7.98 CAD)
Pretty-in-petunia ($7.98 CAD)
Plum Pansy ($7.98 CAD)
Swatches - Flower Shine On Lip Glosses
Lovely Lotus, Stop The Violets!, Nude Nectar, Pretty-in-petunia, Plum Pansy

I am so impressed with these lip glosses!  I highly recommend them!

Let me know if you’ve tried these!

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