Thrift Store Shopping | First Blog Post!

Thrift Store

I’ve been shopping at thrift stores all my life.  I used to go thrift store shopping with my mom, grandma, and great-grandma in our city.  We used to crowd into the car and drive to every single thrift store in the city.  It literally took a whole day!  We were outside the doors of the first thrift store before it even opened in the morning, and then we’d practically be getting pushed out of the doors when the store was closing. I always loved it because we all always found such great stuff!

Today, my grandma and I carry on the thrift store shopping tradition.  For me, thrift store shopping, specifically for clothes, is a great way to expand my wardrobe on a relatively small budget.  It’s worth checking out different thrift stores because they all carry very different items in various areas of the city.  At least that’s how it is in my city.  I’ve always been able to find some really nice clothing pieces from the thrift store that were practically brand new, and for a fraction of the original cost.  By supplementing my wardrobe with thrift store finds, it allows me to switch out clothing pieces all the time.

I highly recommend exploring different thrift stores in your town/city.  It can be time consuming and disappointing at times, but when you find some real gems, it’s all worth it!  The thing I really like about thrift stores, is that there’s something for everyone.  I love thrift store shopping; it’s an inexpensive, environmentally-friendly way to expand/change up your wardrobe.

So that sums up this blog post!  Let me know what your experiences with thrift stores are.  Do you enjoy it?  Do you ever find anything good?

Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Thrift Store Shopping | First Blog Post!

  1. Same here, I love them too! Whenever I shop in a retail store and I love something but it doesn’t fit quite right I rarely buy it because I don’t to spend even more to tailor it. When I grab something for 50 cents to max like $8 at a thrift store or estate sale, I don’t mind spending another $20 to tailor it into something I’ll wear for a long time.


    1. I’m the same way …I never buy anything new that I have to get tailored because then it means I’m spending way more money on an item than I want to! Nothing better than getting a bunch of clothing pieces at a thrift store for the price of one new piece of clothing! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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