50 Easy & Low-Waste Ways to Save Money

Today, we’re getting frugal over here on Victoria Kaitlin! I thought I’d share with you 50 simple ways to save some money just by doing everyday things, but with a focus on trying to be low-waste!  I’ve sorted these tips into three categories — beauty, household, and lifestyle! BEAUTY 1. Eliminate the bulk of your… Continue reading 50 Easy & Low-Waste Ways to Save Money


Plant-Based vs Vegan | What’s The Difference?

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about eating a plant-based diet vs being vegan. So often, on social media, I see celebrities talking about being “vegan” — when in reality, they’re choosing to eat plant-based (which is great), but aren’t necessarily living a vegan lifestyle. There are lots of people who unintentionally think that… Continue reading Plant-Based vs Vegan | What’s The Difference?


Body-Shaming in the Vegan Community

Body-shaming in our society is a huge thing. It’s unfortunate that some people feel they have the right to have an opinion on others’ bodies, because they don’t. A person’s body is their own and shouldn’t matter to other people. Sadly, there’s body-shaming everywhere we look — even in the vegan community. The vegan community… Continue reading Body-Shaming in the Vegan Community


How I’m Becoming More Low-Waste!

Living a low-waste lifestyle is something I’m striving for. But it’s definitely something that takes some effort and focus…and that’s because we live in a very wasteful and consumerist society. It’s a common thing to go into a store and see individually wrapped products or one-use products. Everything today is made to make things easier… Continue reading How I’m Becoming More Low-Waste!

Cruelty-free · Reviews

Live Clean Vanilla Oatmeal Soothing Body Wash Review

Live Clean is probably my favourite cruelty-free and (mostly) vegan brand ever! It’s affordable, readily available, and I find the quality of the products to be great. I’ve tried many Live Clean products over the last few years, but recently I tried a new (to me) product! I picked up the Vanilla Oatmeal Soothing Body… Continue reading Live Clean Vanilla Oatmeal Soothing Body Wash Review